De ceva zile bune a aparut ultimul roman a lui China Mieville, The city & the city. Mai multe detalii in videoclipul de mai jos. L-am gasit si pe Suvudu, insa l-am preluat de pe youtube.

Si iata si coperta:

Varianta Europeana de la Macmillan

China Mie

Varianta US si Canada, Del Rey

The City & The City (US)

Si coperta alternativa de la Subterranean Press

The City and the City alt

The body of a murdered woman is discovered in the remarkable, crumbling European city of Besźel. Such a crime is par for the course for Inspector Tyador Borlú, who is the premier talent of the Extreme Crime Squad – until his investigations uncover evidence that bizarre and terrifying forces are at work – and soon both he and those around him will be in considerable peril. He must undertake an odyssey, a journey across borders both physical and psychical, to the city which is both a complement and rival to his own, that of Ul Qoma.Like all of China Miéville’s work, The City and The City will not be to everyone’s taste – the very individuality of the prose and the surrealistic inventiveness will not attract those preferring more prosaic fare. But for readers who hanker after untrammelled imagination – and look for literary fare unlike anything they have read before (even, it has to be said, by Miéville himself), then this is a journey to be undertaken. But with caution, perhaps… –Barry Forshaw

A book that constitutes an SF event… Kafka-meets-noir mystery.”‘ –SFX Magazine