Astazi am primit de la editura Nemira un pachetel consistent de romane si anume:

Frederik Pohl – Poarta

Frederik Pohl – Dincolo de orizontul albastru

Stephen King – Povestea lui Lisey

Ian M. Banks – Spectrul lui Phlebas

Stephen King – Duma Key ( care arata intr-un mare stil, si e groasa de zici ca e un dictionar 🙂

Multumesc reprezentantilor editurii pentru amabilitate si sponsorizare.


Iar din surse externe, adica de pe bookdepository, din partea unor prieteni darnici, am primit :

Lord Dunsany – Time and the Gods

Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, al 18-lea Baron de Dunsany (24 Iulie, 1878 – 25 Octombrie, 1957)  a publicat nu mai putin de 80 de lucrari ca de altfel si sute de povestiri mai ales in zona fantasy.

Desi este mai putin citit in zilele noastre el a avut un impact pronuntat asupra inceputurilor fantasy-ului. Despre aceast culegere de texte intr-o recenzie pe SF site se spune ca :

the best stories in this book are excellent, written in lovely prose that is indeed ornate, but to good effect, often rounded off with an ironic barb, stuffed with lush images, and suffused with the odour of „regret,” which Michael Swanwick has called central to „Hard Fantasy.”

In acest volum au fost reunite primele sase colectii de povestiri ale autorului  : The Gods of Pegana, Time and the Gods, The Sword of Welleran and Other Stories, A Dreamer’s Tales, The Book of Wonder, and The Last Book of Wonder. Din motive necunoscute,The Gods of Pegana, primul volum al lui Dunsany (1905), este prezentata in final.

De amintit ca insusi Arthur C. Clarke a spus despre Dunsany, pe un backcover de la o carte a acestuia, ca a fost  „One of the greatest writers of this century” …

Nick Gevers & Jay Lake – Other Earths

The well-known authors in this wide-ranging alternate history anthology strike out in welcome new directions, often focusing on obscure events or people. The musician Ralph Vaughan Williams appears as an aging ambulance driver amid an extended Great War in Alistair Reynolds’s The Receivers, while an astronomical phenomenon leads the conquering Inca to become the world’s dominant power in Stephen Baxter‘s The Unblinking Eye. Those taking on more recognizable themes—like a magical race’s diaspora in Theodora Goss‘s Csilla’s Story, or an America that never suffered a civil war in This Peaceable Land; or, the Unbearable Vision of Harriet Beecher Stowe by Robert Charles Wilson—reveal their twists’ horror and grit without being gratuitous. The well-realized narratives and gripping details make each tale a good introduction for any reader new to alternate history.

Prima povestire nu m-a dat chiar pe spate si am descoperit ca pe blogurile externe deja au aparut recenzii ale antologiei. Se spune ca textul lui Lucius Shepard, care e si cel mai lung din volum, ar fi cel mai reusit. Vom vedea.